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Bedding Set "Verossa Jacquard"
  • Bedding Set "Verossa Jacquard"

Bedding Set "Verossa Jacquard"

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Country of manufacture:Russia
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Verossa Jacquard-Komplekt bed belya-Komplekty 3 types:


2 sleeping set:

1 sheet of 220х240 cm

1 blanket cover of 180х215 cm

2 pillowcases 50x70 or 70x70


Euro set:

1 sheet of 240х260 cm

1 blanket cover of 200х220 cm

2 pillowcases 50х70 or 70х70 of cm


Family set:

1 sheet of 240х260 cm

2 blanket covers of 148х215 cm

2 pillowcases 50х70 or 70х70 of cm

Terms of delivery:

  • Price: $ $55-70 for a set on a condition of FCA and packaging 1 bedding set in packing (in a cardboard box 4 sets 2 sleeping linens and euro sets or 3 sets of family linen).
  • Scope of supply is from 20 to 2000 units.
  • Terms of delivery: (All terms of delivery according to Incoterms)
  • Packing: Cardboard boxes (in a cardboard box 4 sets 2 sleeping linens and euro sets or 3 sets of family linen).
  • Types of sets: 2 sleeping, family and euro sets.
  • Terms of payment: an advance payment (depending on a situation and the client, the advance payment is more preferable, the delay is possible, but it is discussed separately).
  • Country producer: Russia.

Key parameters of goods:


  • Fabric: Sateen Jacquard
  • Density: 140 g/m2
  • Structure: 100% cotton, without polyester impurity.
  • Interlacing: Combined
  • Resistant paint: Paint is applied by means of the monoraportny device or the printer that provides steady coloring.
  • Seams are stitched by the 5th filar overlochny seam.
  • In design of bed linen it is used the modern, made by our order works of the French designers. Collections are updated each 3 months.
  • Certificates of ISO

ROSS RU.3748.04. NAUO-500000714006275.032017

ROSS RU.3748.04. NAUO-500000714006278.032017

ROSS RU.3748.04. NAUO-500000714006276.032017

ROSS RU.3748.04. NAUO-500000714006385.032017

The certificate on production of bed linen of Veross

CU of RU C-RU.AB71.B.26062 No. of the form 0515324

  • Packing and label: each bedding set is packed into individual bright packing which contains all necessary information.

Additional information:

  • Sending samples is possible


Advantages before competitors:

·      Only 100% cotton are used, as well as it is specified on the label, without polyester impurity

·      Special processing does fabric less rumpled. keeps color after repeated washings.

·      Does not sit down, keeps the size and geometry

·      Keeps color after repeated washings.

·      A wide choice of sets, both in the flowers, and by the sizes.

·      Modern design from the French designers.



Country of manufacture:Russia
Type:Double Euro
Fabric type:Sateen
Gift wrap:Yes
Size: 1,5 "
Information is up-to-date: 13.12.2018
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